Jay Jex Information & communication

an image from an ENGL 2010 online tutorial

Teaching is a vital part of my current job. In addition to my regular job duties I also work as an Online Adjunct Instructor of Library Science at Weber State. In order to provide my students and others better tools to learn about library science I have created and manage a variety of instruction tools including:

The HeLIOS Tutorial, created by JaNae Kinikin and managed and updated by me provides information literacy instruction through the use of a comic-book-like presentation created in articulate storyline. Although the main audience for this tutorial is middle and high school students the material can be used for anyone at any age.

The Information Evaluation Tutorial was created to help students in my classes learn how to evaluate sources that they find on the Internet.

In addition to these two tutorials, I have also created quite a few YouTube videos that cover library science related subjects. Most of these videos were created using Camtasia Studio.